Belladona von Belleza is a vampire wizard with a fiery personality and cold emotions. She is as boisterous as she is deadly and sharp in tactics.

Description Edit


Belladona is a gorgous pale white woman with long, flowing white hair. She usually wears big and exotic red dresses, her favorite being her war dress (a v-necked dress with red manticore feathers at the end, and a great arch-griffin cape). She lost this during the crusaders battle, and is still angry about it.


Belladonna acts like a stereotypical modern mean girl, with a voice of the joke blonde. Behind this facade lies a clever, strategic genius that has helped Ciarda push the Shadowfell from mere allies of Cinere to the bulk of it, replacing even the Lich. Belladonna loves to play with people and make them think less of her for strategic reasons. A common tactic she uses revolves around a powerful mix of divination and illusion magic on her amulet of Nosferatu, which allows her to fake dying in the sun. Once used, she relies on merely killing the enemy so that her first strategy is never revealed. She however is very egotistical, and often forgets for a second or so to remain calm. If really angered, she'll stop using magic to personally rip the person to shreds.


Background Edit

Born into the house of Belleza, a great ally of the house of the house of Zanovich, Belladonna was always a cold girl. Preferring to read rather than play with other vampires, she studied magic and history while Edward and Ciarda would play. It would be a helpful and kind young vampire named Legnia Libidine who taught her how to interact with people. More honestly, she taught Belladonna how emotions and the mind was like working with mathematics. Belladonna found a new love in the study of the mind and began to lust for all knowledge of enchantment magics. Reading studies of behavior, enchantment magic and even a "magician's" sleight of hand helped her grow into a calculating woman. During her teenage years she also grew an admiration for fashion, simply believing that flashier was better. She has since worked with Ciarda and Cinere's finest wizards to create powerful portal spells, and even with the [CLASSIFIED; RESTRICTION TO HIGH ORDER CINERE MEMBERS].

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