Daniel Taure is a member of the Crusaders of the Truth. He is a paladin, serving the god of justice Try. He follows his duty of bringing justice upon those who have done wrong, while also searching for those who destroyed his village and killed his family. He is played by Hunter.

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Appearance Edit

Daniel is Half-Elf, born from a High Elf father and a Human mother. He is about average height, but a bit lighter side in terms of weight. He has shaggy black hair, which he does his best to keep tidy. His pointed ears are still quite noticeable through his hair though. The shape of his head is quite thin and slanted, but he does have a bit of a more rounded chin. His skin is quite pale, a result of having a white mother and high elf father.

When the campaign started, Daniel wore chain-mail armor over the thin set of padding underneath the armor, which included metal gauntlets that covered his hands. On his legs he wore a simple set of brown trousers, with tall, brown boots to cover his feet. On his forehead rested a headband, with a small diamond shape in the front, representing his paladin status. Finally, the holy symbol of Try is hung around his neck from a chain. Part way through the second arc of the campaign, after a run in with a Red Dragon, Daniel had a set of scale-mail created from its corpse, with the help of a fire giant. The scale mail not only covered Daniel's upper body and arms, but also his feet and a good portion of his lower legs. He now wears the armor proudly, symbolizing that no one is safe from his blade (even though the giant did a lot of the work), as well as protection from the element he fears the most.

He also speaks with a very upper class British accent, which reflects the land he lived in and those he associated with.

Personality Edit

Daniel is considered to be very serious by his teammates, to the point where he can come off as quite the buzzkill. This stems from his duty to his god, as well as his values of helping those in need, which doesn't have much time for goofing off in his eyes. This has started a running gag of Daniel either becoming annoyed or down right frustrated by the groups antics, some of which are done to spur these reactions. However, he has shown that he is able to cut loose every now and then, such as participating in a carnival event with Motor Knight, having a drink at a bar (and becoming really drunk), and attending an evening performance of an opera. It seems as he hangs out with the Crusaders more, he is becoming less wound-up. For one thing, he has started to either show approval or feign's ignorance when the others are partaking in less-than-ethical activities when certain situations arise.

Daniel has shown to have a limited understanding of the outside world, having grown up on a small island and spent so much of his life either training or living in a forest. Thus, when confronted with something new or alien to him, it usually leaves him either confused or disturbed. His knowledge has slowly started to expand after spending four years out in the world, but there is still so much that Daniel does not know about.

While usually calm and methodical when it comes to situations, even when some situations anger or frustrate him, any mention of what happened to his village or family can cause a great change over Daniel. He becomes quite agitated and reclusive, with all of his focus going into what is causing this reaction. With a positive lead revealing itself to him after 15 years, these reactions have began to make him almost completely unreasonable. This is evident when, while fighting the assassin Misere, who Daniel knew played a part in the death of his family and village, he focused more on attacking her then aiding his party. This also occurred when he choose to kill her while she was being held captive, without consulting the rest of his party. No one really knows what Daniel is going to do when he is in this state.

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Background Edit

Daniel was born in Forcysti, the forest town of Caeloria, to an elf man and female woman. They moved to the village of Seerity about a year later. Daniel enjoyed his childhood in the forest, learning to climb and interact with the animals around him. Around the age of 8 his father started basic lessons with a blade, while his mother, using her druid powers, showed Daniel the wonders of magic and nature. All in all, he had a very nice life, away from any sort of prejudice or political conflict, and felt like his home was the safest place in the world.

This all changed one day when he was 9. He was awoken to the smell of smoke, and screams coming from outside. He quickly exited his cottage to find the village on fire. As he stared in shock, a figure loomed over him. Daniel's father attacked the man, and promptly went down from the shadow. His wife rushed to his aid, while screaming for Daniel to run. Seeing nothing but fire, Daniel's only instinct was what he knew; he climbed the large tree near the entrance of the village, clinging to the trunk and, for the first time in his life, praying that it would not collapse.

When the screams died down, Daniel carefully made his way down the tree and stumbled through the ruins. He couldn't make out much through the smoke, other than shadows on the ground. When he reached where his cottage was, he saw the burnt, destroyed bodies of his parents. Horrified, Daniel ran into the woods, sobbing and mentally scared. He spent many months alone, surviving off the wilderness before a small group from the local Paladin's Guild found him, to their utter astonishment.

He was taken under the wing of Jamvere Baelron, the leader of the guild. The elf helped Daniel recover from his experience and, after Daniel pleaded with him, reluctantly agreed to build the half-elf into a paladin. For the next eleven years, Daniel trained in the ways of sword fighting, divine magic, and what it meant to be a paladin. When he turned 18, Daniel was chosen by the god Tyr, the god of justice, as be his follower. Over the years, Daniel's views became quite shallow, seeing the world as good and evil, and swore that if he ever found out who destroyed his home and killed his parents, he'd make sure they regret letting him get away.

Story Edit

The Doom Snail Arc Edit

During one of his days training out in the forest, a goblin appeared before him through a portal, explaining to him that he was finally needed on a quest after so many years, which Daniel agreed to without a second thought. After passing through the portal, he met with Rodney Rune, Jook Nukem and TV Wizard. While a bit confused by the odd band of adventurers, Daniel traveled with them to Mount Gerk.

Travelling the through the tasks and battles set for them, Daniel finds himself impressed with the groups skills (specifically Jook's), and appreciates their willingness to work with him, even though they only just met him. The paladin helped the party work through the challenges with his holy powers and fighting skills, such as identifying mimics, or protecting party members with his shield. 

During the fight of the demonic snail, Daniel learned a hard lesson about slashing without thought. He attacked the monster while lighting his blade on fire, causing the being to explode in his face, sending him flying backwards and almost knocking him out. When the fight was over, the demon attempted to seduce the party, which Daniel was having none of, until the snail mentioned his mother, Emily Taure. The demon claimed he knew what happened, and the paladin immediately became aggressive, demanding to know what the demon claimed. The party forced the snail into a jar, which Daniel chose to watch over.

When they arrived back at *town where the quest started*, the group stopped at a bar to gather information. Daniel talked to a tiefling who warned him not to hand the demon to the king, and that a rebel group was forming lead by *EDDY HELP ME HERE*. When he was finished, he learned Motor Knight and Jook had robbed a bank while he was busy. Angry, Daniel stole the money Motor Knight had while the latter delt with a gnome, and returned it to the bank. He was caught trying to do the same to Jook, and told her that he had his eye on her.

After the Doom Snail got away, Daniel joined in on the siege of the castle. They fought the Doom Snail head on, and managed to defeat it. Trapping it again in a jar, they ended up trapped in the castle's treasure vault by a ton of orcs. Motor Knight put his trust in Daniel to throw a Holy Hand Grenade, but this ended poorly, forcing the group to hide in a force-field. While coming up with a plan, TV Wizard suddenly screamed "TENSER'S FLYING DISC!" The group flew out of the castle, dropping another grenade on the hoard. Landing outside, they meet Doofus Loofus, who brings them back to the rebel group. Together, they send the Doom Snail into an unknown dimension, and the party celebrates before heading their separate ways. Daniel, in particular, decides to stay in Mundus Memia to help with any tasks they ask of him.

The Riddle Arc Edit

Two Years Apart Edit

During the two year gap, Daniel continued to work for Mundus Memia for a bit, before being summoned back to Caeloria. He was told about tensions brewing between the Fey and the residents of the island, and stayed a while to help Whiterem rebuild. He was present in the town when the first attack from the Fey occurred. Not much damage occurred to the city, but the residents were clearly shaken, after experiencing another attack in under a year.

For the next year and a half, Daniel worked mainly in Caeloria, trying to quell the uprising of the Fey and bring an end to the battles, while also performing duties for Mundus Memia when asked. This made Daniel very busy, and thus he barely contacted anyone in the Crusaders leading up their meeting. He did attend one of Rodney's concerts however (which was unknown to the Dragonborn Bard), and listened for any news on Jook, Doug and Motor Knight, in case they got into trouble.

Memoriae Arc Edit

The Keep Arc Edit

After everything, Daniel's mind was in turmoil. A being who enjoyed killing had risen to the Upper Planes, something Daniel didn't think would happen. This added onto everything else that Daniel was thinking about, and he couldn't get his thoughts straight. After the party got back, Daniel went off to a temple and prayed for help. He asked for help in figuring out what to do. He only heard one sentence from his god; "It is not my job to figure out who you are".

Daniel took this to heart. Over the next couple days, he went to talk with most everyone at the keep privately. Each conversation varied from wanting to understand his companions better, discussing the crusaders' next move...and Daniel's decision to leave the group for an indefinite amount of time.

After all the conversations, Daniel packed his bags, left his Javelin of Lightning with a note in the courtyard for the others, and left.

His current whereabouts (at least to most) are unknown.

Relationships Edit

Rodney Rune Edit

Daniel considers Rodney to be one of his closest friends, as Rodney is probably the least hard on Daniel when it comes to his behavior. As Rodney seems to balance relaxing and working so effortlessly, Daniel envies Rodney somewhat, and seems more willing to relax when he's around.

Daniel and Rodney have grown close enough to the point where they open up to each other personally on multiple occasions, whether Rodney is asking Daniel for wisdom on personal situations, or if Daniel is asking Rodney how to handle the other Crusaders. Above all else, Daniel knows that Rodney will always have his back.

Jook Nukem Edit

Daniel's feelings towards Jook are those similar to a guardian or even parent. He has shown to be impressed with her abilities on numerous occasions, and he is quite certain that she can take care of herself. However, he's been very vocal about how he disapproves of her thieving ways, which has brought up conflict between the two. He's always keeping an eye on her, in case she decides to pull something he deems "inexcusable".

That being said, Daniel truly cares a lot about the rouge, clearly shown when he hugged her after they escaped from the Plane of Earth. He tells her that the group is there for her, and that she doesn't have to hide herself from them, implying that he wants to get to know the rouge on a more personal level. Jook has also helped Daniel see that the world isn't so black and white when it comes to good and evil.

Doofus Loofus Edit

Doofus is another good friend of Daniel's, although there relationship is quite different from Rodney's. They started out as acquaintances, assigned to a task together without ever having worked together before. During an incident with Hob-Goblins, where Doofus revealed a large majority of the party and almost got them all killed, Daniel very physically expressed his anger, and Doofus took offence.

Overtime, the two have started to build a more personal relationship. For one thing, Doofus was the first person Daniel told about his village and family, and Daniel showed concern when it seemed Doofus was taking his failures very hard. After spending 8 months together while they're keep was being built, the two bonded more over research and training. Presently, the two have a sort of best friend kind of relationship, which mostly results in Daniel teasing and annoying Doofus, especially when calling him the nickname 'Pan'.

Motor Knight Edit

Daniel and Motor Knight have an unbalanced and wild relationship. The two tend to clash quite a bit, as Motor Knight's wild antics counter Daniel's logical and pure ideas. MK has sometimes gone out of his way to irritate Daniel for his own amusement, leading to a usually frustrated feeling towards the mercenary from Daniel.

However, beneath all of this is a certain level of respect. The two can work well as a duo in battle, with them both being swordsman. Outside of battle, they find ways to enjoy each other's company, whether that's going for a drink or participating in a cage fight competition. They have gone as far as to say they are bros, the term of which Daniel learned from Motor Knight. The trust between them has been strained due to certain events (Motor Knight's robbing of the bank in Arc 2, Daniel's impulsive stabbing of Misere and a demon), but after a recent talk where Motor Knight explained his past, the trust between them seems to be mending. Also, Daniel wants to take Motor Knight more seriously...sometimes.

Doug Douglas Dougingston Edit

Daniel never expected to feel the way he feels about Doug now compared to when they first met. Originally, Daniel hired Doug to retrieve Jook for him, promising him a reward for his troubles. After this, Doug started to travel with Daniel and the other Crusaders, thus becoming part of the group. The original relationship between the pair was rocky, since Daniel was a paladin and Doug was a Bounty Hunter/Assassin. This placed some distrust in Daniel, similar to that he had with Jook and MK. He also was constantly annoyed with Doug asking him where his money was, as there was a miscommunication in the price for Jook's safety.

This all changed when they meet two years later for the first meeting of Lux Aeterna. Doug was offered a large sum of money by the group Sicarus to murder the Crusaders, but instead chose to reveal this information to the others, particularly Daniel, as he said he believed Daniel would get everyone listening to each other about the topic. Doug's faith in Daniel, coupled with the fact that Doug chose his companions over money, deeply moved Daniel, and he realized that Doug was more than just a Bounty Hunter. After Doug revealed his past involving his two sets of parents and what happened to him, Daniel realized how similar he and Doug are. He has admitted to Doug that he trusts Doug a lot now, maybe even the most out of everyone, which is shown when he entrusts the Earth Ring to the bounty hunter.

Apollo Flint Edit

Daniel's feelings towards Apollo are quite mixed. He very much dislikes Apollo's work and who he likes to associate with. The paladin isn't afraid to show his displeasure of Apollo's actions either. Daniel isn't sure if he'll ever fully trust the pirate. However, Apollo helped save Caeloria, Daniel's home island, which the paladin is very grateful for. Daniel also understands the burn of vengeance that Apollo is known for.

Recently, after Gowther's sacrifice, and knowing where he ends up, Daniel decided that Apollo deserves a real chance to prove himself to the Crusaders, and therefore is starting to reach out to the dragonborn more.

Gowther Edit

During most of their time together, Daniel was a bit disturbed about Gowther. While proving effective in combat and aiding the party, his blatant disregard for live and undead state unnerved Daniel. Therefore, he was always cautious whenever the barbarian is around. However, the paladin knew the barbarian helped save his home, so he felt satisfied that Gowther wasn't entierly evil.

Later on, Daniel wanted to understand the barbarian more, but only succeeded in angering him. The paladin hoped to clear the air once they were finished in the Earth Plane. He never got the chance.

Gowther's death hit Daniel harder than he ever expected. Not only had this being who loved killing save the Crusaders, whether it was selfish or not, but also took a place in the Upper Planes, meaning the gods themselves deemed Gowther a good man. Because of this, Gowther leaves a lasting impact on the paladin's views.

TV Wizard Edit

Daniel was fascinated by TV Wizard, having never seen a construct before the beginning of the campaign, and was even more impressed that it was fluent in the ways of magic. While it couldn't talk, Daniel was quite interested and amused by its form of communication through tv shows, even though Daniel didn't understand what a TV show was. When TV Wizard lost his mind, created undead mutants through Rodney and tried to kill the group, this event shook Daniel to the core. He couldn't understand how someone who had saved the world only a year ago could be corrupted so badly, and tried his best not to kill it during their battle.

TV Wizard's death hurt Daniel quite a bit, and shook the beliefs he had grown up with. Daniel buried the remains of TV Wizards (an antenna and his cape) outside of the castle where they fought the Doom Snail, leaving a tombstone engraved "Here lies the remains of TV Wizard. A machine filled with magic and heart, taken by the darkness of this world."

Jamvere BaelronEdit

Jamvere is the leader of the Paladin Guild, The Ankalima Olwa, and Daniel's mentor. When Daniel had no other family, Jamvere took Daniel under his wing and raised him on his own. While making sure not to completely treat Daniel like his son, Daniel still views Jamvere as a second father. He didn't always listen to his mentor's advice, especially about now viewing the world as good and evil, but Daniel always eventually realized that Jamvere was right. Most of Daniel's fighting abilities can be attributed to Jamvere, who has a very similar style of fighting. Daniel has continued to look up to his mentor to this very day, and even while trying to figure things out on his own most of the time, knows that he can always go back to Jamvere if he really has no idea what to do.

Misere Edit

Daniel hated Misere completely, as she helped take part in the destruction of Seerity, and the death of his parents. Once learning of her involvement, Daniel sought information about her, determined to find her whereabouts. After she fought the Crusaders and was defeated, Daniel relished in mocking her failure to kill him multiple times now, aggressively asked for any info she could give him about Seerity, and smited her with his sword without a second thought.

Character Information Edit

Notable Items Edit

Current Items Edit

  • Red Scalemail Armor
  • Holy Symbol of Tyr
  • Holy Water Flask
  • Demolition Bomb
  • Silver Laced Longsword

Former Items Edit

  • Hentai Shield (Thrown at Motor Knight's head after Daniel realized what it did)
  • Javelin of Lightning (Left behind at the keep with a note attached, as a reminder of his presence to the others)

Abilities Edit

As a Paladin under the Oath of Vengeance, Daniel can take on either a tactical or very aggressive style of fighting. While not quick right out of the get go, he still uses his abilities and magic drawn from his alligiance to Tyr to deal moderate damage, while boosting his allies in several ways.

Half-Elf Abilities Edit

  • Darkvision
  • Fey Ancestry

Paladin Abilities Edit

  • Divine Sense
  • Lay On Hands (45 Points)
  • Fighting Style: Great Weapon Fighting
  • Spellcasting (Charisma Based)
  • Divine Smite
  • Divine Health
  • Sacred Oath: Oath of Vengeance
    • Channel Divinity
      • Abjure Enemy
      • Vow of Enmity
    • Relentless Avenger
  • Extra Attack
  • Aura of Protection
  • Aura of Courage

Oath Spells Edit

Under the Oath of Vengeance, Daniel always has these spells prepared.

  • Bane
  • Hunter's Mark
  • Hold Person
  • Misty Step
  • Haste
  • Protection From Energy

Paladin Spells Edit

Daniel has access to all Paladin spells. At level 9, Daniel can prepare up to 9 spells, with the highest level being 3rd level.

1st Level Spells Edit
  • Bless
  • Command
  • Cure Wounds
  • Detect Magic
  • Divine Favor
  • Searing Smite
  • Shield of Faith
2nd Level Spells Edit
  • Find Steed
  • Lesser Restoration
  • Magic Weapon
  • Zone of Truth
3rd Level Spells Edit
  • Aura of Vitality
  • Crusaders Mantle
  • Elemental Weapon
  • Revivify

Quotations Edit

  • "I'm sorry, you met her in a bar?"
  • You're asking me to choose between you and my duty, and you should know damn well which one I'll pick!
  • Yeah it's a future thing, don't ask you'll eventually get used to it.
  • Years later, after all of it, the nightmares are coming back. It's the same thing over and over; everything is burning, and I see their chard faces and their yelling "Please help us! Save us". I can't escape it, and I don't want anyone else to have go through what I have. I'm aware that stealing stuff or killing someone for money may not be on the same level as burning down a village, but it could still affect someone terribly. So I just wanted you guys to know that it's not a choice for me; this is my life. So yeah, I just wanted you guys to know, and...I didn't want to be a joke anymore. (Daniel telling the others about what happened that night in Seerity)
  • What is more important: making someone pay for their crimes, or bringing peace to the innocent?

Trivia Edit

  • When the campaign first started, Hunter used his own voice to speak as Daniel. Once he figured out more about Daniel's backstory and what kind of character he wanted Daniel to be, the British Accent was born.
  • Daniel's creation was not pre-planned. All Hunter knew when he was making a character was that it would be a paladin, and that he would remain focused and his actions would remain pure unless something from his past was brought up. Everything else developed from this idea.