Virrat Vitrify is the halfling bard played by Eddy in the Titanos campaign.

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Virrat is a dapper white halfling. He has a handsome face with a magnificent well set jaw. He usually wears a purple business suit with a red tie. This of course can change when he decides to use a disguise.

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A well meaning, fun loving guy. He enjoys acting and playing music, in particular his beloved kazoo (which he can't play well. At all). Sometimes one sees his other side, as Virrat detests bullies and those who force the less fortunate into weaker spots. In combat, this other side can manifest into a seeming madman at times, one who seems to torture his enemy.

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Virrat Vitrify was born into a decent home in the middle of a city between Vorynith and Thorngage, where his family were humble pie makers. Thorngage and Vorynith were on the verge of war, but yet his family sold delicious pies to both sides. However this did not last long as soon soldiers began guerrilla warfare in the city. His mother went to Vorynth and his father went to Thorngage to attempt to find a resolution. The answer was 3 pounds of steel and his parents fell to soldiers from both sides. Heartbroken and angry, Virrat left for safer places, living on the streets of other countries. Much searching and travelling lead him to the Sword's Coast. Here he came across a few interesting things he doesn't talk much about:

  • His merchant friend Gundren Rockseeker, who he met in a bar. He asks him for all kinds of interesting magic items that he could eventually buy. Eventually.
  • Fordue, a strange halfling who he bonded over when visiting a strange tavern named the Yawning Portal. He has never since seen the tavern again. Strange, he wonders that tavern, and his friend, now are. Fordue, for some reason, used to have numbers for a name.
  • Gorf, a half-orc mercenary who he may or may not have pissed off.

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